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  • Cash Up To $7000
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We Pay Cash For Cars Removal in All Melbourne Suburbs

Get Cash for your any old or used, smash or scrap, junk or wrecked vehicle from any location in Melbourne. We pay instant money up to $8,000 on spot after picking up your vehicle!

We are authorized old car buyer and dealer located at different locations in Melbourne. We come to your place to remove your car, van or truck. We don’t charge any money for towing and removal service. We are recognize and LMCT permit holders called as “Old Car Removals Melbourne” can you give unbelievable deals for all kind of vehicle.

We are old car buyers of all makes and model. That includes Toyota to Ford, Holden to Honda, BMW to Mercedes, Citroen to Mitsubishi, Nissan to Peugeot, Isuzu to Hino, Audi to Daewoo. Not only we do buy all Japanese makes and models for cash, but we also pay for all Australia, European and American makes and models. In spite of all above, we also pay money for all cars vans trucks and buses of any year.

Car Removals Melbourne is actually the leading and number one company in Melbourne that offers various services for your wreck, old, junk and unwanted vehicle. As a company that has been running for a couple of years, Old Car Removals Melbourne was already able to attain a lot of achievements and goals that would definitely make every service we offer the best.

One of the advantages for choosing car removal companies is we can buy your vehicle right away rather than finding a buyer all over Melbourne or on some online sites. In this business, once you contact us, it won’t be difficult for you to sell your vehicle for we won’t decline any clients who are into selling their old, scrap, and wreck vehicle.

Have you been looking for a vehicle anywhere and is already getting tired finding one? Why don’t you sell your vehicle to us? Here in Old Car Removals Melbourne, rest assured we are going to give you the services you’ve been looking for. We are actually easy to be talked with and whatever your concerns are, we would surely make every request you have granted. One more thing you need to remember that FWe do all paper work, car towing, removal for free of cost and we come to all suburbs of Melbourne…

Cash For Car Removals Melbourne

Get Up to $7,000 Cash For Cars

I guess every one of you who’s selling your own vehicle are looking forward to receiving the money from your old and junk vehicle and use it to buy a new vehicle or whatever things you planned to buy and here in Old Car Removals Melbourne, we ought to give our clients the money instantly and on spot.

Here in Old Car Removal Melbourne, we won’t just give you instant cash for your old and junk vehicle for these cash we are giving you is probably the highest offer here in Melbourne. Even if your vehicle is already an old, wreck, and junk one, it is still our priority to give you a good offer for your vehicle thus, selling your vehicle for a high price isn’t impossible in Old Car Removals Melbourne.

Free Car Removals in Melbourne

Are you living in Melbourne or in the suburbs of the city and has a vehicle at your garage that has been staying there for a while now? We can actually help you get rid of it without any trouble or effort.

Car Removals Melbourne offers a free car removal services and we are very willing to fetch your vehicle from your own garage and transfer it to our warehouse. We also offer free car removal for those vehicles that are in the middle of the road and can’t be driven anymore.

If your vehicle was able to encounter an accident and isn’t working anymore or it is already hard to fix, we would still buy your vehicle since it can still be used for recycling various parts of your vehicle. We can also use the metal of your vehicle for a lot of purposes; here in Old Car Removals Melbourne, your vehicle won’t get into waste.

If you are thinking if it’s really for free, rest assured you won’t spend any penny when availing our free car removal for we won’t charge any amount from your vehicle’s quote when you are going to choose having your vehicle fetched from your doorstep.

As free car removal is one of Old Car Removals Melbourne’s best assets, we actually had our own tow truck that is always ready to fetch your vehicle, you just have to contact us and after we get things arranged then, we will eventually get your vehicle and pay you the spot cash.

What Vehicles are We Buying?

We actually don’t have any qualifications for the vehicle we are buying, as long as you are willing to sell it to us then, it is our pleasure to help you get rid of it. There are indeed various brands, make, and model of vehicles now a days and if you are worries that maybe we won’t accept yours then rest assured for we accepts vehicles from Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and any other brands out there.

We also accepts various types of vehicles from Utes, cars, 4wds, trucks, and many more and when it comes to the condition of the vehicle, it doesn’t really matter to us for whether it is already damaged, junk, old, and can’t be driven anymore, we would still buy it for you.

How Much Cash For Car Removal?

Do you want to know how much your vehicle costs? Give us a call or you can email us and we will eventually discuss business. Here in Old Car Removals Melbourne, you can easily get a quote for your car as long as you’ll give the complete details of your vehicle from its make, model and year of manufacture.

We would also want to ask for the vehicle owner’s basic information such as the name, address and contact number. If things are already arranged, a license is then needed so we can make sure that the vehicle is really yours; just for assurance.

We also offer an effortless release of the paper works for we are going to arrange everything for you thus; paper works aren’t a problem once you do any transaction here in Old Car Removals Melbourne. Doing some paper works is actually a very hassle one but we are willing to do everything for you.

Contact Old Car Removals To Sell Vehicle

Old Car Removals Melbourne has been in the industry for a couple of years already and as years goes by, we are also aiming to improve our services thus, we had our experienced and trained man power to give everyone the services they deserves.

Once you contact us, we would do our best to get on to you as soon as possible which makes the company a very reliable one. Old Car Removals Melbourne is committed to make your transactions with us an easy one and hassle-free; once you already for your instant money, you can then buy anything you want or even buy a new vehicle.

What are you waiting for? With our company’s advantages and experiences, we would surely be able to give you the best services for vehicle removal in Melbourne and in the city’s suburbs.